Best Android Spy App For Manage Employees Work From Home

Best Android Spy App For Manage Employees Work From Home

Who would have thought that adult life would be so robotic and predictable? When we are young we so desperately want to be adults and enjoy life. But when we reach this age that’s when we realize that the real-life that was worth enjoying was childhood and now we just have to wing it while pretending that we know what we are up to and what do we want. Well ask me and I would say adult life is so much different than my dream adult life. The work variant has disturbed the whole calculation and now my calculative fantasy world seems just like a child’s dream. Which honestly is a dream but how cool would it be if we all get our dream adult life.  

One thing from the dream world was working from home and honestly, that too was an impractical wish. As now when we have to go through this thing called “remote working ” this fantasy has lost its importance. Turned out it is not that easy as I imagined. I don’t know about you all but it has been a difficult job for me. I guess I am less of an introvert and more of an extrovert than I considered myself. Moreover, it was very difficult to keep up with the work when all of your employees are sitting far part at their homes. The order of remote working was placed for the sake of the safety of the employees from the novel Coronavirus. We got a slow start and after almost 6 weeks we were still at the phase of discovering things and managing at a slow pace. At that time one of the partners gave certainly a new idea. It was about buying the best android spy app TheOneSpy for employee monitoring.

At first, so many people didn’t like this idea as it was new for many of us. We were already going through a trial phase of remote work and another test use of spy app was a tough decision to make. But after some thought, we did it, and am so glad we decided at that time.

Improve The Daily Productivity Of the Employees

One of the severe problems that we faced at the start was that the productivity of the employees declined very badly. Those assignments which should be completed in the defined work did not even finish after the extension of the deadline. It was because there was no direct monitoring at that time. But after we got the best android spy app. We got the control. Real-time screen monitoring of cellphones, tablets and laptops and desktops makes it possible to keep track of the daily and even hourly activities of the target employees.

Keep Them Off  The Distractions

Another major problem was a distraction at home-like TV or other entertainment site opened in the browser. At the workplace, it is not easy to watch a football game during working hours. But home working makes it pretty possible. TheOneSpy offers a track internet browsing history feature that lets the user know about all the web content visited during working hours. Moreover, you can listen to all, etc surrounding voice around the target person through the mic bug feature.

Listen to Official Calls

Keep a check on the official calls and listen to them as well with the call recording and call log feature.

Keep Record of Official Correspondence

Any kind of official correspondence related to work is recorded and reported to the user by TheOneSpy. You can use different features like hangout spy ap, Skype spy app, and more and keep an eye on the chat record of the employees. The feature can also report about any employees who waste time on useless chat or social media activities.

Assure The Safety Of Sensitive Data

Security of the confidential data is one of the most basic priorities of any organization. With The spy app, you can make sure no employee dares to share secret official information with any outsider. Keep  A check on the photos saved on the official phone and monitor the instant messenger chat apps and other media sharing options.  

Check The Emails Regularly

The keylogging feature lets the user monitor all the emails of the target employee along with attachment history details.

Make the best use of remote working with the best android spy app TheOneSpy.

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