Custom Sleeve Boxes

Custom Sleeve Boxes Available in Small and Bulk Quantity

What are Custom Sleeve Boxes

Custom sleeve boxes – The growing competition in today’s world has increased the use of custom packaging boxes. Every brand is in the race to beat other competitors in gain from their position in the market. The offer invests heavily in custom-style boxes to create its identity in the market. The unique style of boxes looks wonderful and attractive for the customers which boosts the sales of the business. Custom sleeves boxes are one of the most preferred packaging due to their unique features and secure style.

Sleeves boxes are not something new for the product manufacturers because they are in use for decades. Sleeve boxes consist of a tray and sleeve. The tray slides inside the sleeve and is used to store the product. Packaging hub offers to create custom sleeve boxes from scratch for your brand. We let you choose every single inch of your sleeve packaging according to your product’s requirements so you can have packaging that is reflective of your brand values and is protective enough to keep your products safe during shipping and on retail shelves.

Benefits of Sleeve Packaging Boxes

If you are not sure why should you sleeve boxes for your product that have a look at some of the benefits?

  • Sleeve boxes are one of the best boxes styles for keeping the product safe. These boxes are considered fragile items because the material is highly durable.
  • Sleeve boxes can be used for the Packaging of products as well as for gifting purposes. 
  • The unique shape of sleeve packaging makes it perfect for any type of event.
  • You can make sleeve boxes with eco-friendly materials to protect the environment and also leave a positive impression on your customer’s mind that you are a responsible brand.
  • Be it clothes, toys, food, or any other product these boxes can effectively provide safe storage to all.
  • Sleeve boxes offer you plenty of space to print your information and other product-related details on the packaging to make packaging informative for the customer. No one has time to search for their favorite product information online therefore customers rely on the packaging boxes to equip them with information. This makes customers happy and builds trust in your brand.
  • Custom sleeve boxes provide customers with a happy and satisfactory unboxing experience which often brings you the word of mouth advertisement.
  • Custom sleeve boxes can be conveniently carried from one place to another by adding a handle on top of them.
  • The sleeve packaging is very pocket-friendly. You can attain a luxury look for your products without breaking your bank. Custom boxes are made with lightweight material like cardboard which saves your delivery cost. Since these boxes are custom-made according to the size of your product which means that they will feel less material wastage. This will save your packaging and delivery cost.

Who Customizes Sleeve Boxes?

The packaging hub offers to create a sleeve packaging that is not only attractive but unique. We offer different material options in cardboard display boxes that can be used to make durable boxes for your product. You can also choose the size of your sleeve packaging according to the dimensions of your product to restrict its movement inside the box which will increase its safety. To increase the beauty of your sleeve boxes we offer to create custom designs on the boxes. All our design assistance is free to ensure that you can seek professional designers’ help without worrying about your packaging budget.

We also offer to use different finishing options to make your simple boxes with luxury and high end. This isn’t the end because for us imagination has no end. We create memorable and unique boxes that mark place in customer mind which elevates your sales. Buy boxes in bulk; we offer question sleeve boxes in small and bulk quantities according to your requirement. Charge wholesale rates on all the boxes despite the quantity you order. We have no minimum order quantity to help small businesses get their packaging without worrying about the cost. We also offer discounts on bulk orders. Order today, to avail of our free shipping deal.


Custom sleeve packaging boxes are one of the most versatile packaging that can cater to all types of products packaging needs. These boxes have to build a positive image in your niche and bring more audiences to your brand. These boxes bring positive repute to your brand by providing customers with a happy un-boxing experience. Custom sleeve packaging looks trendy and helps to create a ripple effect in the market these boxes add attraction to your product display without making you invest heavy amounts. Custom packaging looks attractive and helps to grab an extra customer base. This box makes your brand look prominent and worth spending money on.

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