Facebook Marketing The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Wondering where to start with your Facebook marketing strategy? Here are some top tips you should consider when you build your content calendar and plan your Facebook marketing strategy. 

13 Best Facebook Marketing Tips 

1. Use Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph is a series of meta tags that help the platform understand how your content should be displayed.

Facebook Open Graph allows brands to build third-party apps that connect to users’ Facebook accounts, then, the app notifies them when the user takes a specific action, like listening or reading.

Open Graph actions are distinctive enough to stand out in a user’s chaotic and populated news feed. 

2. Make Profile Modifications

To increase engagement and to make it easier for users to find your content, you need to ensure you establish a good user experience on your profile. You can do this by:

Streamlining tabs, rearranging hierarchy, and including or deleting key tabs.

Furthermore, you can use the sidebar tabs which are customizable and helpful in driving traffic to your website by adding a call to action.

3. Try Facebook Live

Live streaming has been gaining popularity among retailers and various e-commerce platforms. We would recommend for you as a business experiment with live content on platforms like Facebook. 

You can consider planning your content calendar in advance and going live on important holidays. If you establish a strong connection with your users, you find that the higher your engagement, the more your sales.

By hosting a series of live events, you can increase traction on your Facebook page and potentially reach new audiences. You can also create Facebook video ads using any reputed online video editor for the best results. 

4. Pin Your Posts

You should consider pinning posts to the top of your profile as it will allow you to highlight a certain post with high engagement for first-time visitors. 

When a user comes to your page, they should see or find posts that are compelling enough for them to explore your page and find out more about who you are and what you do. You have to make sure your pinned post is appealing and intriguing as a pinned post is a customer’s first impression of you. 

You can make use of this feature to get across necessary basic information that you want to highlight—your company’s values, call to action, sustainability practices, current locations and any other relevant information your user would find valuable. 

5. Get Into Facebook Reels

Facebook began testing short-form video feature Reels in August 2021 to better compete with social media darling TikTok.

Features such as reels are the kind of features brands should be quick to cash in on as Facebook wants the feature to succeed and will change algorithms in favor of the feature. 

By catching the wave and paying attention to such feature updates, brands can benefit further. 

6. Test & Learn What Works For Your Audience

There is never a silver bullet solution for any brand, you have to test, learn and optimise and continue to evolve based on your learnings. 

Some of the factors you can experience include and are not limited to: time of the day your viewers are the highest or which content attracts the most readers, which content bucket was the post/reel that had a high engagement, what kind of colour scheme works to draw your users in and so on. 

You have to remember to be patient through the discovery and learning journey and be quick to run experiments and campaigns to see what works best for your business.

7. Conduct Sentiment Analysis

Don’t just look at the numbers on your analytics dashboard – use a sentiment analysis tool to tailor make your marketing strategies and tweak your messaging and/or product development to better meet consumer needs.

To get the best out of investing time in any kind of marketing – you need to understand your audience and how to target the right audience. 

8. Optimize Your Facebook Profile SEO

Applying SEO best practices is essential for your page. This includes optimizing your page name and all sections within Page Info.

9. Focus On Connecting, Not Selling

Ultimately, it’s obvious that the goal of any advertising and marketing is to sell a product or service, and, while that should be a top priority in your business development team, it’s important you don’t hard sell to your users. 

People now want to know more about the products they are buying and want to know the stories about the product or the team. 

Your social media team should ensure that they factor in emotional connection first, being a valuable resource second and selling third. 

10. Don’t Ignore Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

This is especially important as the number of time users spend on the social networking platform is extremely high. 

11. Try Sponsored Stories

Per Tanner Arnold, president and CEO of machinery commerce platform Revelation Machinery, these Sponsored Stories share users’ interactions with their friends, such as those who have liked a brand’s page or claimed an offer. He pointed to Facebook data, which shows Sponsored Stories have a 46% higher click-through rate and a 20% lower cost per click than other Facebook ads.

12. Look at Your Facebook Relevance Score

You need to ensure you keep your content relevant as that is how Facebook measures the quality and engagement of your ads.

13. Target Smaller Audience Sizes and Identify Your Niche 

Keeping your audience size small is the best way to boost relevancy and conversions. You should try and plan a marketing strategy where instead of making one campaign reach 100,000 people you build 10 campaigns that each reach 10,000 people.

Final Word

While these are not the only ways to optimize your Facebook marketing and there are several other tools and features Facebook has to offer – these are a few to get you started for 2022! 

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