How to Fix Blurry Pictures

The Finest Ways on How to Fix Blurry Pictures

It may be irritating to capture a priceless moment only to discover that the image is fuzzy. Photos, mainly those shot with older phones, are not necessarily of the highest resolution. If you have a particular picture that is blurred, you may correct it through photo repair.

This article discusses how to fix blurry pictures. Continue reading to find out more!

Common Ways to Fix Blurry Pictures

The use of blurry images is pretty widespread, and it occurs to almost everyone. The following are some of the common ways of correcting blurry photographs.

Using Photoshop

One of the most effective and often used methods of correcting blurry photographs is using a piece of software known as Photoshop. Additionally, the program can repair images that have not turned out the way you would have desired. For example, you may brighten the photographs to make the blurring effect less noticeable.

You may use Photoshop to correct your blurry picture by following the steps shown below:

  • Open the image in a new window.
  • Select the ‘Sharpen’ filter, then the ‘Shake Reduction filter.’
  • Photoshop recognizes the portion of the picture that seems to be blurred or shook and automatically corrects it.

Mobile Phone Apps

Various mobile phone applications are available that allow you to correct fuzzy images. If you want to use one of these applications, you may download them for free on your mobile phone or tablet, or you can pay a fee, depending on the app. These programs may not always perform as well as the tools indicated above, but they are enough for most purposes, particularly for photos taken with smartphones or tablets.

Snapseed, PicLab, and other similar applications are among the finest mobile phone apps for repairing blurry photographs.

Make use of GIMP

GIMP is a free photo modification program that may be used to correct fuzzy photographs. The following is the procedure to follow to repair your blurred images with this software:

  • To begin, run the program and choose the fuzzy picture to be edited.
  • Drag and drag it into the tool’s interface to make it work.
  • Select ‘Filters’ from the drop-down menu and then hover your cursor over ‘Enhance’.
  • Upon selecting the option ‘Unsharp Mask,’ a side menu will appear, from which you may choose another alternative.

How to Fix Blurry Pictures with Repair it

WondershareRepairit allows the user to repair as many photos as they desire with the click of a button. The following are the actions to take to use this tool.

Step 1: Attach a picture to the repair

When you launch the tool, you’ll view a button in the middle of the screen with the title ‘Add File.’ Select this button to add a file. Click on that option to allow the application to load the local picture to be repaired from your Mac or Windows system into the tool’s memory.

Step 2: The actual processing

Press the ‘Repair’ button on your keyboard after selecting and loading photographs into the tool you want to fix. The procedure of fixing will begin when you press this button.

There will be a progress indicator in the lower-left corner of the screen, which will indicate how far the repair procedure has progressed. Note that the application is not closed while the process is in progress.

Fix Blurry Pictures

Step 3: Restore and save your work.

The screen will display a list of all of the objects that have been fixed after the repair process. Reviewing the files and marking the files you wish to restore will now be possible using the software.

When you are pleased with the selection process results, click on ‘Save Repaired files’ and allow the program to save your files to the place of your choice.

Save Repaired files

Tips to Avoid Blurry Photographs

Here are some suggestions for avoiding and correcting fuzzy photographs:

  • Make sure the camera is in the proper position.
  • It is crucial to have a strong sense of aesthetics to shoot high-quality pictures.
  •  It is vital to consider the distance from which the photograph must be shot since the more significant the distance, the blurrier the picture is caught when taken.
  • If you want to capture crisp images, a fast shutter speed is recommended.
  • It is preferable to have a steady hand. The blurrier photographs will be caught by the shakier hand.
  • The photographer must maintain adequate focus on the subject to get a clean image.
  • It is equally crucial to use a high-quality lens to capture a photograph that everyone will like.
  • Always clean the lens prior to taking a picture since it may result in a fuzzy photograph.


Blurry photos might make for a dreadful viewing experience when looking at your favorite photographs. As a result, you must follow this article’s instructions to correct blurriness in photographs.

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