How Businesses That Rely on Cash Can Save Time

How Businesses That Rely on Cash Can Save Time

You will rarely see a business that doesn’t accept debit or credit nowadays. Can you remember the last time you had to go to an ATM to withdraw cash for a business? Still, you may not realize this, but there are certain businesses that still continue to process a high volume of cash on a daily basis. To help streamline their daily processes, tools like coin trays can help them to save time.

Businesses That Still Use a Lot of Cash

Cash is not obsolete. While the pandemic all over the world has made debit and credit charges more common, bills and coins are still common forms of payment all over the world. Here are multiple businesses that handle mostly cash:

Amusement Parks

People tend to use cash when visiting amusement parks, if only because some vendors actively require it. These vendors may not be able to process cards, and since certain parts of the park cannot process wireless payments well, cash is the most efficient option.

Nail Salons

The most popular form of payment at nail salons is cash, and some salons only accept cash as well. Realistically, these are the types of businesses that will thrive without needing to change any practices related to cards.


Many food businesses still process only cash payments, usually for items that don’t cost a lot. Like at your local coffee cart where items only cost a few dollars and people are more likely to just pay dollar amounts. Or a bakery where people can just pay in cash for a pastry. Even bars tend to use cash payments for drinks.

Vending Machines

We can’t forget about vending machines, which primarily still use cash, although there are now options that allow you to pay with your card. With vending machines now selling items other than food now, they’re on track to continue this billion-dollar business trend with only cash.

Small Businesses

Because credit payments have extra taxes associated with them, small businesses may choose to rely on cash payments. This will save them a lot of trouble with taxes while keeping the business running smoothly.

How Businesses That Rely on Cash Can Save Time

Coin Trays

When it comes to dealing with cash, coin trays can save a lot of time when it comes to processing all those coins. They help businesses organize cash in rows, with markers along the sides of the trays that will help them count the coins easily—so they don’t need to recount any stacks.

Businesses can have employees use coin trays without any training or complex techniques, saving a lot of time. Not to mention that because the rows of the coins are specified for the coin size, it’s not easy to accidentally mix up the coins and miscount.

Saving Space

Beyond saving businesses some time, using coin trays will save a lot of space too. These coin trays can be stacked atop each other, and all of the trays will have the coins perfectly organized into rows. Instead of having coins in random bags or drawers, everything is in one spot so that the business remains clean and organized.


There are still many businesses that only use cash, or that are able to sustain themselves on cash payments. Using coin trays can save a lot of time when it comes to handling and processing all those coins. Ultimately, the coin tray’s minimalist design is not to be underestimated. It can go far in helping businesses save time and improve how they organize their daily processes.

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