How To Design Alluring Pair Of Custom Socks For You

How To Design Alluring Pair Of Custom Socks For You

Just like custom clothes, you can also customize your socks and make them look different. You can add design, photos, text, or anything that you want. With the evolution of the printing technique, it is possible to create an alluring design on anything you want.

By printing amazing designs, you can make your old, boring, and solid socks alluring and attractive. Whether you want to customize your socks to stay in style or want to use them for branding purposes, you should hire professionals.

When you hire reputed professionals, then they will help in converting your designs into attractive prints on your socks. While creating designs for your custom socks, you should keep the following things in your mind:  

1. Best Quality Of Image

Ensuring the good quality of the image is very important because the good-quality image will give desirable results. The good-quality image will print perfectly on the socks. Otherwise, a low pixel image will look faded and you will not get what you were looking for.

Nobody will like the blurred and fuzzy image on the socks. Therefore, choosing the high-pixel design is very important for printing the best quality image. If you want to get rid of this issue, you should choose a high-resolution image with 300 dpi at least.

2. Design Your Own Or Take Help

If you are good at designing, then you can choose to DIY. But if you do not have any good experience in designing, then it is a good idea to leave this task to professionals. Hiring a professional designer will help in creating alluring designs for your socks.

You should hire experienced designers because they know what kind of designs will look good on socks. You can also use the handmade design for printing on the socks.

Firstly, you have to create the design by using your hands. After that, it is important to convert the design into digital form so that it can be used for printing purposes. You should know what kind of software is used for this conversion to easily convert the design. 

3. Keep Design Simple

The display area of the sock is limited and also it is not easily visible. Therefore, complicating your design is not a good idea. Thus, you should keep your designs simple and attractive. You can take ideas online from different websites.

Whether it is all over print shirts or custom socks, the designer will help in creating attractive designs. On the other hand, if you have any graphic idea in your mind, then you can convert it into print. It is not necessary to print only designs and images. But you can also print text on your socks. 

4. Choose Font Type

While customizing your socks, if you want to add text, then the most important thing to consider is font type, font size, and font style. This selection process is not easy because the wrong decision will affect the entire visual appeal of your socks.

We recommend you to choose a minimalist style font to add classy and modern touch such as Sans serif font. In addition to this, it is also considered that this type of font will ensure maximum white space. 

If you want to add fun flair, then you should add Amelya script font because it offers cursive and swirl design in the text. But you should always keep in your mind that text size should be large enough that it is clearly visible. It should not be very thin or very small that people may not able to read it.

5. Pay Attention To Composition & Placement

Just making an attractive design is not enough. You should pay attention to the placement of the design. When it comes to socks, the placement of design is very difficult. When it comes to the placement of the design on a shirt, the most preferred location is the front pocket.

But when it comes to placement of the design on socks, then the most preferred area is the leg part.  What kind of design do you want- petite, subtle, or loud? Firstly, find the answer to these questions so that you can find the best place for design placement.

6. Hire Printing Contractors

Once you have created the design and looking for printing contractors in your area, then you should research. Start doing research online so that you can find experienced and reputable professionals in your area.

After selecting the professional printing service provider, you should provide the design and discuss your objectives with the professionals.

After listening to your needs and requirements, they will suggest the best printing method to you. If you are placing a bulk order, then asking for a discount is a good idea. Also, you can ask them to show the sample to check the printing quality.  

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