How to Start Practicing Restorative Yoga Poses

How to Start Practicing Restorative Yoga Poses?

Restorative Yoga is one of the best forms of practicing yoga for physical health. It helps your body to restore the balance inside and helps your body heal itself during the process. This is the reason, I highly recommend to most people suffering from fatigue and other problems to properly learn and practice restorative yoga. It will change your health and fitness. Here are some of the popular restorative yoga poses that you should learn and practice.

1. Child’s Pose

You should start by practicing the child pose in restorative yoga. This is because it is a very important pose and it is also very easy. You can do it in multiple ways without and with props and support. It allows your body to bend, muscles to stretch, and regain the ability to move in multiple directions that we lose as we age. But with the practice of this form of yoga, you will never lose your ability to move properly.

  • You should start by sitting and folding your legs.
  • Now, slowly bend your body forward while your legs are folded and your hips are resting on your foot.
  • Slowly bend forward as much as possible. 
  • Now change the position of your hands and also inhale and exhale properly.
  • Stay in the pose as long as you can.
  • You can also use the blanket support in front of you by placing it under your belly.

2. Happy Baby Pose

The happy baby pose is also a very beneficial and restorative pose in restorative yoga. This pose requires your body to move to a length that your arms and legs can stretch. This stretch, combined with breathing and your stance helps your body restore muscle strength and relieve pain and stiffness in any part of your body.

  • Start by laying on the ground facing the roof.
  • Slowly bend your legs towards your stomach and make sure your knees touch your belly. 
  • Now, use your hands to hold your foot. 
  • Keep the stance, while properly inhaling and exhaling.
  • You can open and close the position of your legs as well during the inhale and exhale according to your choice.
  • Use support below yourself so that you can stay in the pose for long.

3. Legs on a Chair Pose

Legs on a chair pose is a restorative yoga pose that helps you increase the blood flow in the upper part of your body. This helps your muscles get more oxygen from the blood flow. This lowers pain, stress, and fatigue in your body and restores your normal health.

  • Start by laying on your back.
  • Use a floor mat for support.
  • Lift your legs and put them on a chair that you have placed closer to your legs. 
  • Now, keep breathing and maintain the stance.

4. Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

There are a lot of positions to do this pose. You can do it with and without support. If you are a beginner to restorative yoga, you should use the support and beginner position of this pose. As you advance the practice, you can move towards the real pose slowly. This pose requires you to put your legs up with the wall. Here is how to do it.

  • Start by laying on your back while your hips are touching the wall.
  • Slowly lift your legs up along with the wall.
  • Straighten your body and your legs in a 90-degree position.
  • Keep breathing, and maintain the pose.
  • If you are an advanced yoga practitioner, then you should change the pose a little. 
  • Lift your back up a little with the support from a prop or your hands while your legs are up with the wall.
  • You can also do this pose without the wall support but only if you are an expert practitioner.

5. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Reclining bound angle pose is also one of the easy poses that require some level of support for beginners. You can do it by placing multiple props and blankets behind your back, your legs, and your neck. This pose is very helpful in easing the stiffness around the neck and movement of your back.

  1. Start by placing all the supporting materials and sitting in your position.
  2. Now, bend your legs and fold them. Touch one foot with another.
  3. Lay down on your support and touch the ground.
  4. There are multiple positions for the hands, you can keep them normally spread around you, or you can close them over your head. Keep breathing during the pose. 


You should learn to practice the restorative yoga poses before you start practicing. So, if you want to learn to practice, you should learn from Arhanta Yoga Ashram’s online classes.