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IMO Spy App: Monitoring of Employees Social Media Activities

Monitoring employees using the spy app for productivity checks is a normal routine these days.  One needs to be extra careful as the working norms are continuously changing. Some days you are called to the office while others you have to report online from home. Balancing the work schedule in between the office and remote working days is a tough task itself. It is not easy to maintain constant productivity while you have tons of distractions.

Especially when an employee is working from home there is no direct supervision or monitoring for them. Apart from reporting about the assigned task, no one can tell how much time it took him or her to complete the task.

Let’s discuss Social Media Activities

Though employee monitoring using spy apps has made things very easy for employers and organizations. Once you have installed the app in the company’s own devices of the employee you can monitor them from anywhere. Thus if they work from home or come to the office you can know if they are playing online games or watching a video on Youtube or are busy in real work.

Similarly one can also take the help of these apps to eliminate the possible distraction from an employee’s life. For example, one of the biggest diversions of today’s humans is the internet, social media, and instant messenger chat apps.  One can easily waste an hour or two while browsing Instagram feed or Facebook. Similarly, start a chat with an old pal or college friend and it can easily take two or three hours of your day in gossip.

Thus to keep control of such distractions OgyMogy offers a long list of social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring features. Check out the details and how these features are useful for the employer and employees.

IMO spy App:

IMO spy app offered by the OgyMogy employee monitoring app is a useful feature for employers. Users can know about the private chats of the employees easily. One can know if any of the employees have any problem. Access to the text message can be very handy sometimes. Similarly, with the IMO spy app, one can track those irresponsible ones for making useless audio or video calls during official hours. OgyMogy keeps a record of every activity of the employee.

WhatsApp Spy App:

Whatsapp spy app lets the user know about the secret chat groups of the employees. You can know about any secret conspiracy against the organization or the employer very easily. Most importantly these instant message chat apps are used for media sharing as well. Know if any employee is responsible for illegal data sharing in the form of an audio clip or document etc.

Snapchat Spy app:

Snapchat is unique as the content has the power to self-destruct after some time. That means no record of any chat whatsoever. Most employees love to use this type of app as the message and content disappear from the accounts. OgyMogy’s special media monitoring feature offers a Snapchat spy app that saves all the Snapchat activities of the employees through the official device. Even if the employee gets rid of the message or content or it gets deleted by itself the data will be saved in raw form on the dashboard for the employer.

Kik spy app:

Monitor the sent and received messages and know about any entry or deletion of the contacts from the employee account. The Kik spy app keeps records of Kik account activity with timestamp information.

Instagram Spy app:

In case social media is being used as a marketing tool at your workplace then you must check out the social media apps and monitoring features offered by the OgyMogy. The Instagram spy app keeps the record of the official account and reports about every comment or story update. You can personally monitor any marketing campaign remotely with the help of the Instagram spy app.

Facebook Spy app:

Get into the Facebook messenger box and monitor all the incoming and outgoing message content with the Facebook spy app. You can know about the friends and followers details and use the app to keep a check on the official account and employee activities.

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