Important features in store point design

Important features in store point design

One of the most important effects to consider when designing a store website is its features. An online deals point can only be intended to vend a specific product or to vend a wide range of products. Thus, some introductory features and installations are available in all store spots, but others are added according to the requirements and musts of the business. For this reason, we decided to mention some important features of the store point and its introductory and advanced installations.

Client panel design

The client panel is one of the sections that in utmost cases not important attention is paid to its design. Suppose a stoner comes to your point and wants to buy a product. However, he prefers to leave the point and enter the contender point, If he’s confused after adding it to the wain and doesn’t know how to complete the purchase process.

Although the client panel is the last part of the product deals process, its design isn’t simple at all. We’ve divided the features of this panel into three separate sections, independently; Shopping Cart, Shipping Information, Payment Information. In the following, we will completely describe the information related to each section.


Product information similar as name, color, size, law 

Number of products bought

Shipping brings

The quantum outstanding

Reduction rate

The final price

Register a reduction law

Post information

Address Information Enter the address or select the transferring address

How to shoot

Determine the transferring time interval

Payment word

Capability to choose the payment system

Possibility of payment on the spot

View the total purchase quantum

Show shipping and quilting costs

View the total purchase quantum

Capability to print product order bills

Hunt system design

One of the most grueling motifs for our platoon is the design of the online store point hunt section. When the client enters the point and enters the name of his product in the hunt box, the needed product should be displayed in the order of affiliated products. The more directly and intelligently your point hunt machine is designed, the more likely it’s that your products will vend. In fact, a point hunt isn’t just about displaying results, but it should be included in the design of an online store point that’s stoner-friendly and interactive. In the following, we’ve mentioned the features and installations that are veritably important for the hunt section of your store point.

Hunt box with distinctive design and color

The hunt box is the part whose design is neglected when designing a store point. Using this section, your guests can search for any type of product on the point and choose it for purchase. In addition, it’s veritably important to put the word” hunt” inside the box and to consider the button and the colored box in its design.

Search results runner with clever design

The professional design of the point hunt section is determined from the hunt results runner. Our point design platoon designs the hunt results runner in such a way that when a client searches the point, all the products appear in a separate cell with their name, price and ranking on the results runner.

In addition, we place point-grounded product filtering options on the right side of the runner so that guests can find the goods they need grounding on the asked features.

Another point that we add to the design of our store point is the capability to display a close-up view of the product (from different angles) on the results runner. By adding this point, your guests can see all corridors of the product without having to click on it.

Smart bus-complete

Have you ever compartmented a part of a product name in the hunt box or Google and the rest of the product name is displayed automatically. This happens if a law string called SLI ( Hunt Literacy Ameliorate) is used in the point hunt section. In fact, by placing this algorithm in the hunt section, we strengthen the point’s hunt machine and increase the point’s deals up to 6 times.

Advanced product filtering in hunt results

The hunt results runner is the beating heart of a store point. This runner is the part where the stoner decides to buy the product with one click or leave your point. Designing this section isn’t an easy task and numerous web design companies don’t design it duly.

We design a point hunt machine grounded on what our stoner is looking for on the point and what they anticipate from the hunt. Suppose a women’s apparel retailer comes to your point and is looking to buy blue clothes. Because this person has formerly made a purchase on your point or done a hunt, just codifying the word blue will show all the blue clothes on the hunt results runner. In addition to apparel, there are other blue goods for trade on the point.

In addition, we can design the point hunt section so that products that are ready for trade and products that have just entered the point are displayed in two separate sections.

Devoted runner design

One of the most important corridors that we pay attention to in designing a store point is the use of custom designs for its runners. Devoted design means the use of a graphic design and stoner interface that reflects the type of brand and product of the store. This way, when a client enters your point, they will fluently remember your brand.

Capability to compare products

In our opinion, the design of a professional online store should be similar that guests can fluently compare different products with each other and also buy the stylish product demanded. We’ll consider this possibility in all store spots that we’ve designed. By opting for the option to compare two or further products on the hunt results runner, the stoner will compare the features of different products side by side.

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