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Practice EHR – Top 5 Features That Make it The Best Medical Software Solution 2022

Find out the top features of Practice EHR Software that the current users are obsessed with!

In this piece, we are going to talk about the top features of Practice EHR. Practice EHR is a medical software solution considered the best EMR for psychiatry. Not only in psychiatry but the software is popular in other medical specialties as well. Let’s find out the reasons why Practice EHR is so loved by its users!


The Charting function in Practice EHR has a library of ready-to-use templates. adapted to your solo or multi practice’s specific requirements.  The templates assist you in adhering to certain regulatory and coding rules in order to record client visits more precisely and efficiently, all while reducing denials. Cut down on the amount of time you invest in charting. Generate and finish progress notes quickly and simply, order and get labs, obtain clinical decision help, see client clinical alerts, write prescriptions, and access vital patient data. There’s no need to jump between windows to do these operations; everything is available at a glimpse within your healthcare setting.

The Practice EHR Charting tool not only records the patient visit, but it also initiates the invoicing process. Practice EHR enables you to perform two required processes in one, unlike other charting choices that are separate from the billing process. The medical template can be configured to immediately begin filling out the interaction form, enabling the visit to be charged.

Electronic Prescriptions

Practice EHR E-prescribing, which is enabled by Surescripts, takes the uncertainty out of entering prescription data by hand or manually. Streamlining prescription refill inquiries and the authorisation procedure, this minimises the risk of errors and saves time. E-prescribing is incorporated into Practice EHR. Prescriptions can be filled straight from the client’s chart, eliminating the need to switch between interfaces. Furthermore, without relying on the client self or manual entry, clinicians can digitally access client’s medication history and data. Everything a doctor requires to prescribe effectively and effectively is there at their fingertips.

Practice EHR is EPCS approved, enabling practitioners to reliably and safely e-prescribe controlled drugs. EPCS guarantees that prescriptions are delivered to the correct recipients by removing the requirement for paper prescription pads. By eliminating drug errors, prescription fraud, and abuse, overall safety is improved. Surescripts has certified Practice EHR. Clinicians have eligibility, perks, and prescription data at their fingertips when prescribing, so they know if the drug will be paid by the client’s insurance. Practitioners who use Surescripts can cut patient prescription expenses by an average of $50 or more each prescription, in addition to boosting patient safety.


In comparison to in-person sessions, telehealth video visits are more effective and utilize fewer resources. Use Practice EHR secure, real-time video technology or a video network of your choice, such as Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp, to communicate with clients. Practice EHR TeleVisit enables you to give care at any time and from any location. Clients can arrange a session at their leisure and pay conveniently online, eliminating operational strain and saving time for your team. Give people the convenience and security of receiving healthcare when and when they want it. TeleVisit also offers an online client portal with features such as client appointment bookings, messaging, bill payment, and more, making the experience for both patients and offices simple and comfortable.

Practice EHR TeleVisit integrates your Practice EHR software with secured, real-time telehealth webcam conversations. Using our user-friendly process, perform a client telehealth visit at any time that is suitable for you. Professionals can conduct video conferences with patients while concurrently writing the note, prescribing drugs, and coding encounters on a single screen, cutting down on charting time.

Patient Scheduling

The Practice EHR Scheduling function is a sophisticated system that lets the front desk handle all scheduling chores with ease. You can rapidly schedule and reschedule patients, examine patient contact information, check client eligibility, review the patient balance, and collect copays with just a few clicks on the calendar. Each scheduling time slot is also color-coded so you can instantly see if it’s blocked, booked, overbooked, or open. Clients can make new appointment requests, as well as cancel or amend existing appointments, through Practice EHR’s integrated patient portal. This saves the client time while also reducing the number of calls to the practice. Additionally, patients receive computerised appointment reminders, saving office time and eliminating no-shows.

Individual and numerous providers will benefit from the Practice EHR Scheduling functionality. With a few clicks, your practice can monitor and manage various provider schedules and simply move multiple appointments. The practice’s unique schedules allow them the most flexibility in creating and updating schedules for each provider and location.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal features in Practice EHR are the most useful medical resource for your clients. The gateway not only allows for safe, HIPAA-compliant communication between patients and providers, but it also stores health information, up-to-date medications, lab results, immunisation records, diagnoses, and more. Clients get access to all data in a secure manner over the internet. Clients can request consultations, medicines, and refills, as well as view reports and make payments, using the Practice EHR Patient Portal. Patients also don’t have to wait until business hours to discuss their wants with your practice. They can visit the 100% cloud-based Client Portal from anywhere and at any time as long as they have access to the internet.

The Practice EHR Patient Portal provides patients with easy access to medical records, supplemental healthcare information, and educational materials linked to their diagnosis. Your practice’s employees will not be distracted by phone calls for appointments, refills, or prescriptions. It is advantageous to everyone and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Few Words from our side!

If you are thinking of investing in Practice EHR software, make sure you schedule a Practice EHR demo first. The demo will give you an in-depth understanding of the features. Not only that but you can also get Practice EHR pricing plans during the demo. Other than that, go through Practice EHR reviews available on the internet as they will help you understand whether the current users are liking the software or not!

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