What Are The Factors Which Affect Our Sleep Quality

What Are The Factors Which Affect Our Sleep Quality

Are you facing any trouble in falling asleep at night? There could be various possible reasons which affect our sleep. No matter what is the reason for a sleepless night, but staying up the whole night is quite frustrating and irritating. 

A sleepless night not just makes your eyes puffy or dark, but badly affects your physical and mental health. The most frustrating thing about sleepless nights is bad not knowing the exact reason for the same. 

Several factors can negatively affect your sleep or sleeping quality. Fortunately, there are various solutions to get sound sleep every night. In this article, we are going to discuss some factors which can affect sleep quality and how to overcome this problem:

1. Caffeine

Excessive caffeine consumption is one of the biggest reasons for sleepless nights. You should limit the consumption of caffeine the whole day and also avoid it during the evening and before bedtime. You should wisely consume coffee, soda, and tea. If you want to have a cup of tea before dinner, then you should make sure it is decaf.

2. Smoking

Cigarette contains nicotine which acts as a stimulant for our body and makes it very difficult for us to sleep well. This is the reason that smokers have disrupted sleep patterns. Some people who smoke too much may face insomnia problems. 

3. Cool Ambiance

Some people are not able to sleep well due to the hot and humid ambiance. If they somehow manage to sleep, then they will wake up at midnight drenched in sweat. Our body needs a specific temperature to embrace sound sleep. 

But, failing to maintain the right temperature can badly hit your sleep quality. It is recommended that you should install the latest technology air conditioner at your place so that raising temperature levels during the summer may not affect your sleep quality. 

Also, you should keep your air conditioner in good working condition so that AC breakdown during summer could not affect your sleep quality. It is a good idea to call professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney professionals before starting the summer season so that your AC keeps working efficiently the entire season.

4. Sleeping Pills

When people start facing sleepless nights, then the first solution that comes to their mind is eating sleeping pills. But sometimes taking excessive sleeping pills may adverse your situation. When you start taking sleeping pills, then there is a high probability of getting addicted. 

Your body may forget to sleep naturally. Therefore, taking sleeping pills without a doctor’s recommendation is not good for your health. Also, you should avoid these pills as much as you can.

5. Special Diet

Usually, people feel tired during fasting, but natural performance is not affected. Fasting also affects sleep quality and only a few people realize it. It is an undeniable fact that food deprivation is one of the reasons for wakefulness. If you are suffering from a sleeping problem, then doing fasting may further affect your sleep quality.

6. Body Aches

Sometimes aches are also responsible for sleepless nights. For instance, joint pains, muscle pain, headache, etc. will keep you awake the whole night. Aches make a person uncomfortable and make it difficult for them to have a good night’s sleep. 

If you are suffering from body aches, then we recommend you to pain killer or apply any kind of topical pain reliever to feel relaxed before bedtime. This simple trick will let you sleep the whole night.

7. Anxiety And Stress

It is the natural phenomenon of our body to feel stressed in any bad or dangerous situation. When we feel stressed or anxious, then our brain moves into active mode and it interrupts our sleeping quality. 

In a stressful situation, you may be able to sleep, but that will not be deep or sound sleep. Sometimes, high temperature is also responsible for stress on the body and bad sleep. Therefore, you should maintain an ideal temperature in your room by turning on air conditioning Sydney.

8. Our Lifestyle

Various studies have shown that our lifestyle is also responsible for bad sleep. Our sleeping timings are also responsible for the bad quality of sleep. Therefore, it is very important to fix the right sleep timing so that your body and brain know that it is sleep time. 

It is tempting to sleep late during weekends, but it may badly affect your sleeping quality. If you want to sleep well every night, then it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and fix the sleeping and wake-up timing.

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