Retractable Banner Stands in 2022

How to Optimize Your Retractable Banner Stands in 2022

2020 was a dark year in the global advertising industry. The COVID19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the cashflows of countless companies from almost all industries across the world. Marketing agencies and departments suffered the most. Companies were quick to chop down their marketing budgets, resulting in millions of canceled campaigns and deals.

Thankfully, in 2021, global advertising revenue increased by 23 percent from 2020. The $278 billion global marketing and advertising industry is back. Companies plan to spend aggressively on advertisements and promotional campaigns. However, brands that spend the most are not guaranteed to receive success.

The post-pandemic world is a confusing place. Making expensive marketing investments in such an environment is not safe. That’s why several local businesses continue to use low-cost and reliable marketing tools like flyers, leaflets, and banner stands. Banner stands, in particular, are must-have promotional items for any brand, irrespective of its industry.

The latest retractable banner stands are super-easy to set up and disassemble. Plus, unlike big billboards or canopy tents – they’re cheap. Brands can easily custom-create different banner stands for different events and get the most engagement possible. But, these banners need to align with the brand objectives and the viewers’ demand.

Optimizing Your Custom-Printed Banner Stands

The way you design, place, and present your banner stands will impact their efficiency. Here’s how savvy event marketers optimize these promotional tools to get the best out of them –

Location and Event-Specific Design

Custom banner stands are very cheap and durable. Brands can use different banners in multiple locations. For that, they’ll need a set of banners with different designs. They can also reuse old banners in different events. Either way, the banner’s design, and style need to be aligned with the event’s theme and location.

  • Is the promotional event at a busy mall? Then, your banner’s design should be minimalistic. Don’t print too many lines of text. Instead, print high-definition, attention-grabbing graphics on the banners. Colorful graphics will make your banners more visible in crowded spaces.
  • Presenting your brand at a serious business conference? Then, you can afford to add multiple lines of text to your banners. Describe your brand’s goals, ideas, etc., in three to four lines for fellow business-level clients to see.

The event’s theme and location should determine your custom banner stand’s design.

Add CTAs and Social Media Info

Make sure the marketing messages on your banners enhance your brand’s USP. Right next to this detail, include a Call-to-Action (CTA), urging viewers to make the most of whatever you’re offering. Also, add social media icons on the banners. Viewers can contact your brand directly using social media information.

Use High-Resolution Images

Thanks to advanced printing techniques like dye-sublimation printing, you can make your banners look like art pieces. The days of using low-quality graphics or pictures are long gone. Your banner stand will directly reflect your brand’s quality. Make sure your audiences perceive your brand in the best light possible by using high-resolution images.

Find a banner seller that offers high-resolution printing and start promoting your brand in style! 

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